About Paula Bourque

I’m the “LitCoachLady”- a K-6 literacy coach at four schools in Augusta, Maine. I’m entering my 32nd year as an educator:  a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher, literacy specialist, and instructional coach. I’m the author of Close Writing: Developing Purposeful Writers in Grades 2-6  with Stenhouse (2016) and the upcoming Quick Writing: Nurturing Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms (Fall 2018). My best “job” is being mom to my daughter Bailey and son Casey and wife to the love of my life, Jim. I have a passion for literacy and learning that I love to blog about and I’m on a quest to put more kindness back into this world.


4 thoughts on “About Paula Bourque

  1. I love the ghost book booster! Do you have a pattern or is it just a matter of folding paper until is sticks out the way you like it?

    1. I created a template with a clip art of a ghost and then left a strip that could tuck into the books. You can experiment with the length of the strips. Just wanted them to appear to float out of the books!

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