IMG_2430I just got back from the National Council of Teachers of English 2014 national conference in Washington D.C. (technically National Harbor, MD).  If you can overlook the fact that technology/internet was an issue with the facility, it was a beautiful venue near the heart of our nation’s capitol.

It is an experience I wish each teacher I work with could have.  I have already contacted my administration to begin brainstorming ways to make it happen.  We all need those opportunities to connect in a more global way with teachers and educators that can influence practice and enhance our lives.

You meet the people who are your “heroes” when you are immersed in books and texts and writing.  You hear froIMG_2388m those who can speak what is in your heart better than you can begin to do.  You finally connect with the tweeps who have fed your professional soul for the past year (if you can recognize them from their teeny profile picture).

Rather than go on and on with how enriching the entire experience was, I put together a short video to share some images from my days at NCTE14.  I want to thank everyone who came up to say “hi”, signed my books, listened to my ideas or recommended some new titles.  Our interactions are what made the event profoundly meaningful and a powerful professional development opportunity.

When I sit down this Thanksgiving, here is something that I am incredibly thankful for…

 What’s On My Book Radar?

image-289ojfl-198x300I finally got my hands on an Advanced Uncorrected Galley of this gem at a book signing this week!  If you thought One For The Murphys was a great book, you are in for a real treat!  We get to meet substitute teacher, Mr. Daniels as he shows his students that great minds don’t think alike.  He celebrates the achievements of all his students, no matter how small and helps them to appreciate the uniqueness that makes them special.  Lynda has become one of my biggest heroes and I can’t recommend her latest offering enough.

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