Predawn Awakenings

#SOL16  Day 10

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My muse kisses my brow.

I roll over and reach for my pen,


holding the thinking in my head until I secure my notebook.

Becoming proficient with blind scrawling.

Ideas flow from my sleepy brain to the beckoning page.

There it awaits a more lucid reader at dawn.

I retreat  into my downy burrow

Hopes of REM diminishing

This dormancy far too brief

when inspiration calls again.


Several years ago, as I began cultivating my ideas for CLOSE WRITING, I found my sleep pattern forever transformed.  Almost every night, I dream lessons and conversations with learners and awake in the predawn hours with ideas bursting from my head. I have notebooks and scrap papers littering my bedside -inspiration overload.  If I can release them to paper, I am often able to catch a few more zzzz’s, but more often than not, I’ve only opened the floodgates!










6 thoughts on “Predawn Awakenings

  1. “I roll over and reach for my pen,

    holding the thinking in my head until I secure my notebook.”
    I have a beside the bed notebook, too. And I know just what this feels like!

  2. Fascinating!!
    I notice I have lots of ideas in my morning shower and then I’ll jot while eating my breakfast. But I’ve never thought to keep pen and paper by my nightstand. Tonight I’m going to pay attention to my dreams!!

  3. Ha, that last part was so interesting! I actually already have a notebook and pen beside my bed that I keep forgetting to move- I should try this.

  4. Many times I’ve been angry at myself for not having those writing materials on my night table. I’m going to fetch them right now. Good-night!

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