Spring Snow Day

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It is the first school day of spring here in Maine and we are home with a snow day. The glee and the disgust are being posted all over social media as I write this. I knew I should never have allowed myself a taste of spring fever, I mean we’ve had snow days in April! But this was such a mild, almost non-existent winter here, many of us felt we had rounded that corner…Oh well, c’est la vie!

As both of my teens lie in bed, I am reminiscing about past snow days as they were littler.  How many families have snow day traditions?  We sure did.  First, if there was any hint, chance, or hope for a snow day my kids would rob the silverware drawer of one spoon each and place it under their pillow. As I recall this had a very high success rate!  There was also the occasional inside-out pajama trick.  This one seemed to fade away and I cannot report accurately on it’s prognosticating precision.

Once they awoke to find their dreams come true, my husband started a nutritional ritual of eating ice cream for breakfast. Needless to say, our freezer needed to be stocked when there was any hint of precipitation. I can’t imagine why we weren’t nominated for Parent of the Year awards!

So I’ll post this SOL now, and go back to indulging myself in recollections of past snow days. They are truly some of the most memorable slices I carry with me.

Casey in snow

Bailey snowmanBooktime

12 thoughts on “Spring Snow Day

  1. Enjoy your first day of spring. We haven’t had any snow days this year at all, and now I am hoping that we don’t and can end before Memorial Day.

  2. We live in northern Wisconsin and have YET to have a snow day! It is so weird with such a mild and dry winter. My daughters and I love a snow day to snuggle, read by the fire, play outside and drink hot cocoa!

  3. We have hurricane days! I would have to think that the adding of days on at the end of the year is hard with a snow day…but what memory making!

  4. I love the snow day tradition of ice cream for breakfast! Your kids will never forget that and will probably continue it as parents themselves someday…

    Hope it was a great day at home on Monday…they always seem to be!

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