Life-Long Learning Legacy

Today’s post is short and sweet (bittersweet to some degree).  It is sandwiched between a day of taking my daughter to a New Student Reception at college and a day of working on my National Boards.  The learning just doesn’t seem to stop in my family-and I’m GREAT with that.


I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that my husband and I are both in education (he’s an elementary school guidance counselor), but I believe whatever profession we’d have chosen our desire to continue learning would be central to our lives. Our kid have been brought up in a house where new learning is the norm. They’ve seen me take classes in photography, my husband buy video lessons on golfing, as well as all the workshops, grad classes, and professional books that have inundated our lives and schedules.  Our kids are seeing that learning continues long after graduation.

No matter how many other ways we might have ‘messed up’ with this parenting gig, I can be proud of that.  So as my daughter finishes her high school career, there was never any question in her mind that her learning would continue.

I also realize that she is very lucky.  Not all of our students have the expectation or the means to make that happen.  But each day I work with them, I will teach as though they do.  Encouraging a growth mindset will help them to see that we are always growing and learning throughout life.  That can look very different for everyone, but that desire can be universal.  There is so much out there to discover and experience-may you all enjoy that journey!


What’s On My Book Radar?


The Wild Robot, Peter Brown’s first middle grade novel, is the story of a robot (Roz) who is the lone “survivor” of a shipwreck and finds herself on an island with wild animals. Through Roz we get to contemplate some deep existential questions: What does it mean to be alive? Why are we here? What is love? And yet it is just a simple story about a robot and some animals if you choose to read it that way. Lots of potential layers for readers in this book for grades 3+

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