My “Best of” Kidlit 2016

One of my favorite things about this time of year (other than Christmas and a vacation from work, obviously) are the BEST OF lists that proliferate social media. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was and think about wishes for the upcoming year. I’ll keep mine short and sweet so you can have time to read others, bake (and eat) some cookies, visit with friends and family, or dive into a good book (or ten).

My BEST BOOKS of 2016

Kidlit is my preference when I bookshop. There were SO many this year that I loved, just follow me on Goodreads to see them all. Here are a few that I just can’t stop thinking about: (in no particular order)

Picture Books:


Middle Grade

YA Novels

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few so for those of you who can’t get enough LISTS…here is a compilation of other “BEST OF” Lists to help you plan your vacation reading.

And don’t forget to watch for the 2016 Nerdy Book Award Winners at


Thank you to all the authors and illustrators who put in the lonely, tireless hours creating these amazing books for us.  You are my heroes. Here’s to those future books-in-progress and those ideas coming to life that will give us another great year of reading in 2017.

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