Eyes Wide Open This Time

slice-of-life_individualLast year I joined the Slice of Life Challenge with no clue what I was in for.  Sure, I thought “This will be fun. I’ll practice my writing a little more purposefully, get feedback as well as inspiration from others.”  Well, it was fun! I was more purposeful (beyond what I could have anticipated) and the feedback and inspiration was nothing I could have imagined.

At times it was exhausting. I was overwhelmed and struggling to post some days. At times it was exhilarating. I couldn’t wait to get home and share an experience or idea. But what I couldn’t have anticipated was how differently I experienced life for the month of March. Suddenly everything was more real, vivid, and colorful. I felt more alive.  I saw everything as a story to be told and it gave the small things such importance. It graced me with such a sense of gratitude for each conversation, experience, or emotion.

I’m trying to start this #SOL17 with no expectations-I find that’s the best way to eliminate (or reduce) frustration and disappointment.  But I DO have a clue for what I am in for and I am ready to slice with my eyes (and my heart) wide open.

I am grateful to all of my fellow slicers who will inspire me this month.  I am especially excited that 3 other teachers in my district will be slicing as first timers this year. I have always admired them and this raises my respect to new heights. I will read far more slices than I’ll have time to respond to, so just know that your words are being received and appreciated and your energy is infectious.

Happy Slicing!

7 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open This Time

  1. I love your thought about SOL and a commitment to write: “It graced me with such a sense of gratitude for each conversation, experience, or emotion.” Happy slicing to you, too!

  2. This is my second year that I am seriously taking the challenge. Last year was hard. I felt pressure to have a post ready each day. I am taking a different outlook this year and really looking forward to the new perspectives that SOL offers me. I am looking forward to reading your posts. Happy slicing!

  3. I agree with every word, Paula. Writing and connecting every day in March makes life so much more hectic, yet so much more enjoyable because I notice things that might have easily slipped by. I’m looking forward to this journey with you. Happy slicing!

  4. It’s always smart to walk into this writing challenge knowing what to expect – each day is different, and you will find a way to show up and write.

  5. I agree–last year I thought I knew what to expect and then it was HARD. But I loved every minute of it! So I am back at it this year. Sometimes I have too much to share and other times I can’t find one thing to share.

  6. So many emotions go into describing what this endeavor is like, and no one understands unless they go through it! And how much more fun will it be with colleagues joining in! I am so envious!

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