What’s Up, Mother Nature?

I live in Maine.  We don’t even talk about spring until April makes its entrance.  When Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and forecasters cry, “Six more weeks of winter.” we all scoff,  “If only!”

But last week we had days tapping 60 degrees.  The two feet of snow on the ground surrendered to the sun leaving only gray piles of abandoned road sand and islands of icy patches.

Yesterday I heard the call of a Red-Winged Blackbird. For me, THAT is the siren of spring. I raced to the window  to spy the songster. I tried hard not to let myself get excited. There he was!  “Conkareeeee!  I’m back!” he sang out, over and over.


I can’t get spring fever yet!  Stella is on my doorstep and she’s visiting with a vengeance. Now someone else is singing out! Hang on little blackbird, it’s going to get nasty!


10 thoughts on “What’s Up, Mother Nature?

  1. We have had a cool, rainy start to our spring break here in Texas–definitely not what we’re used to, and our plants are so confused! I love the details of your spring harbingers; thanks for sharing the video of the blackbird.

  2. I love the photos! Paula, we were spoiled here in the Philly area by the warm weather. Now the return of Old Man Winter (today, in the form of sleet and freezing rain as well as some snow) has not been a welcome guest! My daffodils are all finished as well as the forsythia and the crocuses – all blooming early because of a warm February (SIGH!). However, I still giggled at your photo for “Stella!”

  3. Even in Missouri, I’m saying “What’s up, Mother Nature?” Right now snow is falling. My peach blossoms are falling along with the temperature. Stop the madness!

  4. Ha, I just love your voice in this post!

    I’m in Illinois and we got pounded with some snow today, too. My daughter’s boots are suddenly too small, but I told her to suck it up – I’m NOT buying boots in mid-March!

  5. Described the feeling perfectly. I have been eyeing those birds for the past few weeks since they quickly empty my feeders and the storm made me want to scream. I did not pull the stakes out from the perimeter of my yard thinking that it was too soon for the spring weather to stick around.

  6. I saw a few red-winged blackbirds last week, too. No sign of them at the feeder today, though. The wind is still howling, and we have another snow day tomorrow! Hope you’re warm and safe, Paula!

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