A Slice At a Time

To slice      IMG_2230
   is to walk
    through your days
         with a writer’s eyes,
               a writer’s ears,
                         a writer’s heart. 

Everything pulses.
          Everything has weight.
                        Everything is story.



This month I will be enjoying tiny slices of life through micropoetry and photography.  If you ever doubt the power of writing to shape lives, I encourage you to try the Slice of Life Challenge for the month of March.   You will develop a mindfulness for living that will open your eyes, your ears, and your heart. 

Check it out here: https://twowritingteachers.org/challenges/  

16 thoughts on “A Slice At a Time

  1. Paula, I love that you found a way into the challenge this time that works for you in spite of the myriad other responsibilities you carry. Thanks for the inspiration and blessing that there’s not just one right way for a writer to write.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! This reminds me a little of my one little word, which is step! One step at a time! Happy March!

  3. Truth! So glad to see your post this morning. I look forward to reading more! I always aspire (and fail) to be so eloquent in so few words.

  4. Just lovely, Paula! I will be back to read more micropoetry and photography. Love your closing line: Everything is story. Pithy! A few words that say so much!

  5. I always love reading what you have to say. You have a way with words. Thank you for joining the Slice of Life challenge again and for encouraging us to join you! I appreciate all you do for our district!

  6. I love the format you have chosen for SOL – micropoetry and photography – brilliant! Your post inspires me to try it some time this month. I am looking forward to your posts throughout March.

  7. As a reader, I tend to feel overwhelmed by long posts, so it’s a treat to have micropoetry and photos to look forward to here. I am sure I will be inspired by some of your posts and find writing ideas here for myself as well.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I always admire those who can convey so much with so few words and I especially love your ending line. Your poem captures the essence of this month’s challenge for me.

  9. You perfectly captured why I do this every week and in March. I totally should NOT being doing this right now. So much going on … but I want to slow down and feel the weight of my story. Thank you

  10. Spot on, and an auspicious beginning to the month! Thanks for the reminder to keep our senses aware for writing prompts!

  11. I like the idea of micro-poetry and photography. These lines:
    “through your days
    with a writer’s eyes,
    a writer’s ears,
    a writer’s heart”
    remind me to use all of my senses to curate the stories I experience through them. Thank you for this inspiration.

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