Nearly unnoticed
clearly unfocused
scampering Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.38.24 PM
across the onding
my camera
to the flash
of vermilion
an uncommon civilian
who pounces
on prey
or perhaps
just to play
cresting the edge
of the blanketed field
making her way                                                                             #micropoetry  #SOL18
to a den


This fox is becoming less shy as each month goes by.  She leaves tracks that seem to randomly wander in circles, but when I spy her spring into the air and land with a fury, I am certain there is no randomness in her movements. Hoping to spy some kits this spring!


5 thoughts on “fox

  1. Your verse is as playful and clever as your fox. We had kits I could see from the breakfast table last year. I’m hoping the vixen will return to have another brood.

  2. Love the rhyming playfulness and the movement in your verse. I think this fox will provide more slices.

  3. My father in law was feeding a fox for a while. At Christmas time, we walked out the door, made a little noise and threw out food, and two foxes came running up! It was amazing. We didn’t get too close, but marvelled at their size, and boldness!

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