do we

boil down
our arguments
and get to the heart
of our positions on complex
topics? See it through
the eyes of a child
and you will
find clarity
and truth


As I listened to speakers and read all the signs at the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES on Saturday
I looked down at the snow and noticed this small child breaking sticks into pieces and carefully laying them on the ground. Within moments I predicted the simple, yet compelling message this child was seeking to convey. And then I looked to the right of the child and read a message scrawled on a cardboard box by a sibling…I WIS GUNS WRN REAL.

It doesn’t get much clearer than the wishes of these children.


#MicroPoetry  #SOL18

9 thoughts on “clarity

  1. Your poem is simple and rings true. Tied to the message you describe in the story of the child breaking sticks and placing them on the ground to spell “No guns” and the sibling’s writing on the cardboard sign. I felt a chill go up and down my spine. I didn’t go back to the photo until after I wrote most of my reply. I knew the child was spelling something with the sticks. I imagined the word “guns” with sticks placed across the word to form an “x” – I was close!

  2. I enjoyed the poem, as I usually do, but WOW the picture is breathtaking. It made me think of Norman Rockwell. I actually wondered for a moment if it were “real” or staged. Incredibly framed – it deserves a wide audience.

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