mrs. beasley

IMG_2962.jpgDid you ever

a toy
that personified
a phase
of your childhood
you had
until you walked
into a room
and saw
that someone else
that fading memory
and tattered toy
in a way
you wished
you had?


Last week I walked into a co-worker (and friend’s) classroom and saw Mrs. Beasley staring at me from the corner as if to say, “It sure has been awhile. What’ve you been up to?”  Her apron and granny glasses were missing and her stuffing was sticking out in places. She’d aged about as well as I had. But she still had that loving smile that soothed me as I fell asleep at night and greeted me as I woke each morning. Her big blue eyes looked right into heart and pulled me back into my own elementary school for a trip down memory lane. 

10 thoughts on “mrs. beasley

  1. How awesome to have a toy take you back to your childhood! My daughter has my blankie from when I was a little girl and sometimes it will get tossed aside in her room, but then it surfaces again and it’s such a strange experience to both remember when I was little and then be staring at my little girl.

  2. Oh my word!
    She was my favorite growing up.
    I married late in life at 47 and my mother pulled her out, and had my aunt make a wedding dress for her to be proudly displayed at my wedding shower 😀

  3. You have just described why I love vintage so much. I think the 70’s stuff rockets me back to a time of simplicity (for me anyway).
    There are so many things that bring those fond memories back for me.
    Love this post…

  4. This has never happened to me, but I can imagine the feelings that must have accompanied the recognition of an old friend. Now you’ve got me wondering what things I might run into in someone else’s room & where they might take me…

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