Sketchnote Coaching 2

In my June blog, I shared my foray into using sketchnotes as a coach.  Using visual notes to capture the conversations, the seating arrangements, the anchor charts, and movement of the lesson has helped me to tune into the interactions much more intentionally. I’ve found in the first month of school that it is becoming easier and easier to quickly sketch what I am observing and noting.

I’m also contemplating how I can layer specific visual information such as color or captions to help me look more purposefully, while still being open to the dynamic nature of classroom teaching and learning. I work in four buildings with more than sixty classroom teachers. Could my sketchnotes help me look for patterns or evidence of intended learning at a glance?  I’m guessing it will be more doable than pouring over narrative notes from that many classrooms.

For now, I’m not overthinking it, just seeing what emerges. But I suspect if I stick with this, my sketches can lead me to new ways of thinking, reflecting, and analyzing that will help me in my role as a literacy/instructional coach.

I’ve added a box to my sketchnotes to invite teachers’ reflections. I ask them to reflect on:

  • what happened after I left,IMG_8622
  • what happened before I came,
  • how they think the lesson went,
  • what they are wondering
  • what insights they achieved
  • what their next steps are, etc.

I make a copy of the coaching sketchnote (color if I can get access to the office copier) and leave a copy with the collaborating teachers. They have loved seeing their lessons captured in a comic form. I’m definitely seeing a preferred structure and format in my notes emerge, and the icons I use are more simple and efficient than ever-this has allowed me to pay more attention to the lesson, and less to my sketching.

I’ll keep blogging periodically about how my thinking and sketching is growing or changing. I’d love to hear if others are trying a form of visual coaching notes. Let me know.

Get Your Nerd On This Week!

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.12.07 PM

Though it is probably too late to register for nErDcamp Northern New England, you can still make it to the nErDy Author Night.  According to the website, “Over 40 amazing local and regional authors and illustrators will be on hand to sign books and meet their fans! Books will be available for purchase (cash, check, charge) from Sherman’s Maine Coast Bookshop. This event is open to the public so bring a friend and the kiddos to meet their favorite author!”

Look at this lineup! And it’s FREE!

One More Off My TBR Stack!

RestartRESTART by Gordon Korman

Chase Ambrose wakes up in a hospital room with no memory of what put him there, only that his name is Chase. But who is Chase? That’s not going to be easy to answer. Slowly he learns about his life and he’s shocked by what he discovers. He’s a star athlete at his middle school, but also one of the biggest bullies-or at least he was. Benched with a concussion, Chase tries to discover who he wants to be and knows it’s not the boy he was. Maybe his accident was a lucky break if he truly wants to RESTART his life. Gordon Korman created another incredible story that nudges readers to consider right and wrong, good and bad, and how it’s not always as clear as we think it might be. An MSBA nominee for 2018-19 that I think kids are going love-I sure did.


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