#SOL19 Day 2 Spark!

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Today’s Spark comes from Chapter 7 Social Emotional Quick Writes, p. 130.

I share a video with students called “Just Breathe” to introduce the idea of breath meditation and then ask them, “What are you thinking, feeling, or wondering?”

Here’s the video, my quick write follows.


My Quick Write:

When our students are at their most unloveable, is when they need loving kindness, they need us to see that they are in pain and under stresses we cannot perceive.  When I watch this video I try to imagine one of my most challenging students sharing what their experience is like when they are mad. They often cannot articulate it as well as these children, but I know this is what they would say if they could.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had the self-calming skills that are promoted in this video-I know it’s not some miracle pill, but we have to start somewhere, we have to try and teach our students (and even ourselves) how to self-soothe, how to regulate, how to cope in healthy and helpful ways. There are helpful tools we can provide our students, but we don’t need to purchase wiggle seats, squeeze balls, or fidget spinners. For centuries meditation has worked for millions by starting with focusing on our breath.

I love that this video shows a visual for students with the jar of glitter-when they are made it is all shook up but as they calm down the glitter gentle settles down to the bottom of the jar.

I know this will be met with skepticism and with alarm by some who might think we are teaching new age mysticism to students, but the simple act of JUST BREATHING could be a game changer.

I could say more, but that’s my 10 minutes. Would love to hear your thinking.

17 thoughts on “#SOL19 Day 2 Spark!

  1. So amazing and so powerful. I can’t wait to share this whole thing. Watch the video with my colleagues. Share it with students. All of us write about it. Just 10 minutes. Xxoo thank you.

  2. I have been thinking of introducing some mindfulness to students and was not sure how to go about it. This video is a great option!

      1. I will! I shared your blog with my coaches yesterday too. I was hoping to get some of them to join the challenge!

  3. I have one student right now who could use this! I am going to share the video one on one with him and have a conversation on what will help him!

  4. I fear for the minds of our students- they are constantly on and engaged in some way. I want to try this with my kiddos. Thank you for posting it!

  5. What you wrote here resonates with me. Our students deal with a lot we don’t know about. Thank you for sharing this video. I’d love to work it (and some more mindfulness) into my classroom.

  6. I love quickwrites and use them in my classroom often. This one speaks to me…it’s peaceful. So much of our lives are rushed, so it feels good to slow down. I worry about these beautiful kids growing up in an increasingly hurried world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Superb video. Before we enter our classroom I have my students take three calming breaths. I’m showing this video (and have subscribed to the youtube channel) because it shows that other children might feel the same way. Thank you!

  8. Paula, I love this video and will be sharing it with our counseling team as well as teachers during my next round of grade level meetings that begin next week. I think it is so important to keep those students in mind when watching it. It builds our empathy muscles.

    1. I always believe that the ‘hardest to love’ are the ones who need love the most. Seeing them in the faces of the kids on that video sure helps remind me of that.

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