Sparking Social Emotional Learning

This week I’m sharing by guest post on the Stenhouse Blog. I believe writing has the power to transform lives, and it doesn’t require a lot of time.

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Below is a guest blog post from author of Spark! and Close Writing, Paula Bourque.

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One More Off My TBR Stack

TScreen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.13.39 AMHE TORNADO by Jake Burt
Fantastic middle grade novel by Jake Burt (Greetings from Witness Protection!) that celebrates the power of creativity and friendship. Bell Kirby is a creative genius at Village Green Elementary School, he is also the victim of a deplorable bully, Parker Hellickson. The problem is Parker’s father is the principal and can’t believe his boy could ever be so evil. Things seem to get a little better for Bell when a new student, Daelynn Gower moves to Village Green. Her unique style quickly draws the attention of Parker
who shifts his target of bullying toward her. Bell is faced with a classic dilemma, does he stay quiet, uninvolved, and safe or does he help Daelynn? As he grapples with this problem he realizes he’s not the only one who has been victimized by Parker and a creative solution to the situation begins to take shape. Jake Burt is an incredible writer who gives readers compelling characters and plot that pull you in and make it hard to stop reading. I read this in one afternoon and loved it. Releases Oct. 1, but I would preorder this one, you’ll want it for a read aloud that will invite powerful discussions about kindness and friendships. Don’t forget to read the author’s notes in the back, you’ll appreciate Jake even more.

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