#SOL20: Day 2 “Test 1”

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 5.28.56 PMThis March I will be participating in the montOld Friend from Far Awayh-long Slice of Life Challenge. Each day I will be posting a ‘slice’ from my life. This year I am using Natalie Goldberg’s book Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir to provide my sparks for memoir writing. Each post will be a quick write using one of Natalie’s exercises.

In this memoir SPARK, I have 2 to 3 minutes to respond to each memory prompt. fullsizeoutput_1813bfullsizeoutput_1813a

See what Natalie is teaching us about? Using our senses when we write. Sound, taste, touch, sight, and smell.  What do you remember when you lean on your senses for memories?

13 thoughts on “#SOL20: Day 2 “Test 1”

  1. I find my memory constantly stimulated by my senses. Just reading the words sight, sound, touch, etc. sparked a memory of picking blackberries w/ my father.

    1. Love the “I Remember” scaffold to write. I love making lists, so the 10 smells spoke to me right away. But remembering a color – ah, yes! That got me thinking because it is spring, and the hills and the trees and the gardens and forests are all remembering their colors, changing the palette of the landscape. Your writing makes me want to write again in my notebook!

  2. Smell and sound take me back more than anything- glorious pages. Memoir is probably my favorite kind of writing. Oh, and “Slimeburger” – hilarious!

  3. I love this! I’m jotting this down in my journal to possibly use in the future. AND, I absolutely love that we see your handwriting in your journal – somehow it make the writing more alive! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  4. I love this! I am going to use this with my 6th graders!

    And I loved reading your journal. Thank you for letting us in. Many of your memories sparked the same ones for me! McDonald’s was a treat for us too, especially the Shamrock Shakes!

  5. I dug this book off my shelf last month. I’m facilitating a memoir writing group once a month. Her prompts are the best. And I love peeking at your notebook pages! I’ll be back for more of your ideas.

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