#SOL20 Day 19 “Bedroom Window”

SOL20This March I will be participating in the montOld Friend from Far Awayh-long Slice of Life Challenge. Each day I will be posting a ‘slice’ from my life. This year I am using Natalie Goldberg’s book Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir to provide my sparks for memoir writing. Each post will be a quick write using one of Natalie’s exercises to practice the skill of noticing and remembering.

Today I thought about how remembering isn’t just about recalling exact events, but thinking about our perceptions and our dreams that influenced our lives as well.


What was outside your bedroom window? Was it really? Is that what matters?

10 thoughts on “#SOL20 Day 19 “Bedroom Window”

  1. I don’t know that book but have loved her writing in other books. I’m going to check it out (and wish I could use our library system ..but alas .. shuttered). Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love a real book, but over the years have grown to embrace digital books and audiobooks. Looks like I will be leaning on those a lot more in the coming days!

    1. I am really enjoying this book. I am not posting some of the more painful memory exercises as you can imagine, but it has been fascinating to see how the prompts spark unanticipated thinking so often!

  2. I am enjoying all your slices. I will have to try “Right outside my bedroom window” at some point. I like your conclusion – it can lead to a description based in reality or a memory that is purely fantasy. I used to sneak downstairs to watch late-night horror films on t.v. after my parents went to bed. Then I could not get to sleep – I had scared myself silly!

  3. Nikki Grimes has a fascinating definition of memoir and the way we piece realities together in her book “Ordinary Hazards.” My copy is on loan to a friend, so I can’t quote her here. But your fears were real so they’re a real memory regardless of the reality.

  4. “What memories matter to us? The reality or our perceptions?” This resonates with me, as I tend to remember feelings more than facts, especially about my childhood. It’s the feelings that imprint more deeply, I think; otherwise, a tree is just a tree, a house just a house. I am really liking your responses to the prompts!

  5. Love Goldberg and have several of her books, but not this one.Thank you for this “spark” …

    Once I dreamed my sister and I were standing at my bedroom window and we saw an angel pass by. I remember it to this day …

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