#SOL20 Day 26 “Doing Something”

SOL20This March I will be participating in the month-long Slice of Life Challenge. Each day I am posting a ‘slice’ from my life. I have been using prompts from  Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir to explore memories. But today I had to write about a small moment that brought me joy. I haven’t seen students in over 8 days and I’m worrying that it will be months before we get back to teaching. So I volunteered to help distribute lunches to children and families in our town and was able to see dozens of kids as they pulled up to get food. They looked so happy to see teachers and a few even wrote cards for us to give to their teachers. My heart melted. I won’t share a photo of any families out of respect for their privacy, but this is my colleague Cheryl (on right) and a city councilman (on left) and my principal Teresa took the photo. Today I finally felt like I was “doing something”. WIN!Lunch Pick Ups

When the cars pulled up

and the windows rolled down

grins burst forth

from all of our faces.

“Hi!! I miss you!”

a simultaneous… ‘jinx’

from both sides of the window.

A desire to rush up

and wrap our arms around them

was shelved for now.

With 6 foot social distancing,

we showered them with smiles.

as they scooped up the food

and talked about life.

“How is your sister?”

“Have you read some good books?”

“Did you play in the snow?”

Before driving off

we tucked in much love

with waving hands.

“See you soon!”

“Be well!”


for now…

10 thoughts on “#SOL20 Day 26 “Doing Something”

  1. That desire to run up and hug is so hard to hold. I’m glad you were able to help. I did a zoom with my students yesterday and while not all of them came, I was relieved and blessed to be with them.

  2. Poetry “the best words in the best order.” (Coleridge) You’ve done that exquisitely here with the entire poem but the verbs “shelved,” “showered,” “tucked in”? Extra-ordinary! (Nothing happens without great verbs!) Thanks for this.

  3. That is beautiful, Paula. I wondered at first how you would distribute the food, but you just got to watch from a distance. What a special “doing something” this was! How nice for the children to get to make connections!

  4. “I was finally doing something” is exactly how I want to feel each day. It’s so important to feff EF l as though we’re part of the solution. I took a box of books to a family w/ four kids yesterday. I’m going to call our district office and offer to help w/ meal distribution.

  5. Nothing could be more fulfilling could it than helping out especially at a time like this! What a great day it must have been and how happy the kids must have been to at least ‘see’ other people! I love the way you ‘tucked in much love with waving hands’!!

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