Notebooking Class

Saturdays in January (in Maine) can be very hygge. I love to curl up with a book in front of the fire and read. This January I am curling up with my computer and notebook in hand for an online class. Notebooking 101 with Michelle Haseltine-my notebooking shero!

She is so generous with ideas and examples of how she notebooks for herself and with her students. She shares the same passion for pens and art supplies that I do. She inspires me to create. (and her dog thinks she is “the cat’s meow”, too!)

Here are my notebooked notes from the first two classes:

Looking forward to learning some new techniques, ideas, and layouts that I can share with others and play with in my notebook! Now I need to go work on some National Board writing, but I’ll be diving back into my notebooks later and I’ll be blogging more about notebooking.

Do you notebook? I’d love to hear about it.


THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON STEREOTYPES by Tanya Lloyd Kyi and Drew Shannon
This book takes incredibly complex concepts such as bias, stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination and breaks them down into understandable experiences. The authors share historical perspectives that shed light onto modern day global understandings of these theories and topics. The focus is on understanding how our brains our wired. I learned SO much about human behavior and my own implicit biases. Have you ever heard of “affective-contagion”, “stereotype threat”, “blind auditions”, “ambient belonging”, “nerd factor”, “self-categorizing” or “contact hypothesis”? Well, I hadn’t either, but I’m now much more aware. Your students will be, too, if you share this incredible book with them. Not preachy or judgy…a very brain-researched-based look at how we have been wired to sort and label the world as a survival mechanism, but how it can have unintended consequences for our relationships and for our social policies. A Must-Read for kids from 8 to 80!

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