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What’s On the Menu?

Coaching Menu Boards

As I start my 35th year in education, I am ready to get back into my blogging.

I know this is going to be a challenging one for teachers. I am trying to re-imagine coaching to support them even more than ever before. Because I work at so many buildings (4) it is hard to set up coaching cycles, but we are really looking at this as an option this year and trying to think outside the proverbial box.

To help me address needs more effectively this year, I am playing with the idea of a COACHING MENU BOARD. This would let teachers know how coaching could help them more specifically. It gives them an easy way to consider options and reach out and the easier I can make it, the more likely they will utilize the supports.

Here is my first attempt/draft. I know I will be revising it because I am a tweaker and I will need to run this by my admin, but I’m feeling inspired by the possibilities.

And we all need a little inspiration moving into this school year.