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Share Our Book Love!

I love books.  I love reading.  I love so many authors.

z-Middle-Grade-Book-PileSometimes this is referred to as Book Love (thanks for that term, Penny Kittle).  Many of my friends have Book Love, too.  How do I know?  Because they share it!  Sometimes in person, but more often on social media. There are Facebook posts and groups.  There are Twitter chats and hashtags.  There are Instagram pics and Vine videos.  I have surrounded myself with Book Love.

I try to share my Book Love as well as receive it (A huge thank you to my Nerdy Book Club friends).

Last week one of my favorite authors, Gae Polisner, (The Pull of Gravity, The Summer of Letting Go) reminded me, as I read her blog, about the importance of book reviews to authors. Click below.

Tuesday Feedback: A Little Conversation about Book Reviews Starring YOU

Her message was that authors need us to keep them in the public eye.  Sharing our favorite books on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr will inform our friends and followers.  But how can we expand our Book Love beyond our relatively small circle?  How can we support those authors we love so they can continue their writing careers and bring us even more Book Love??

Our reviews on sites like Goodreads will certainly expand our influence and love, but sites like Amazon have a much stronger impact for sales of books.  THAT is the ultimate way we support our favorite authors.  Love a book?  Let others know!! Don’t know how to post an Amazon review?  Go here.  Don’t worry about sounding like an editorial reviewer from Kirkus, New York Times, Booklist, or School Library Journal. The length and quality aren’t as important as the willingness to do it! Here are a few quick tips for posting reviews for the books you love!

  • (This book) is about brief synopsis (but I think it’s really about)what it means to you. (Your review  doesn’t require a complete retelling-editorial reviewers have already done that! What is this book about for YOU?)
  • If you like_____________this book is for you! Who would like this book?  Who would be a target audience? Why would they enjoy it?
  • I really liked ______________ . Were the characters compelling?  Was the writing engaging?  Was it humorous? Suspenseful? Realistic? Heartwarming? Mention one or two things about the book that made it memorable for you.
  • Mention the author’s name (and illustrator).  Remind readers of the person behind those words who pounded out that plot, those characters, that dialogue, those facts and worked their bums off. Books don’t just happen, someone dreams them and brings them to life-we need to honor that!

THAT’S IT!  Sure you could do more or less.  You could write a review any way you want. Check out how kids do it at The Spaghetti Book Club! The big idea isn’t HOW?…it’s WHEN?!!  When will you take a few minutes and go to the independent or big box bookstore or  the website where you purchased your copy and leave a quick, but important review?  We want to keep this authors “employed” and creating the books we love!

What if I can’t afford to buy the book?  No worries.  I try to be a book patron as often as possible, but my local library knows me by my first name.  I check out dozens and dozens of books a month.  I always make sure to tell the librarian about the books I love the most and that ensures they’ll be recommended to other patrons.  I’ve also been known to leave a post-it note or note card sticking out to grab readers’ attention, “Hey!  You should check _______ out!  You’ll love it!”

So now that you’ve read my soapbox spiel – click on over to Amazon and post a review for one of your favorite authors!  They deserve it!

What’s on My Book Radar?

These two books are my contenders for Caldecott and Newbery awards so far!  Both are brilliant and imaginative.

23309640A little boy creates a boat out of newspaper and takes it out for a day’s adventure.  When the boat rushes away and down a gutter he goes on a hunt for his beloved boat.  I won’t tell you what happens-you’ll have to check out this gem for yourself.  I was so reminded of Ezra Jack Keats’ work as I savored this amazing book by Daniel Miyares.

23281919Cassie Beasley’s debut novel is like a cross between Water for Elephants and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-it’s FANTASTIC!! Micah’s grandfather Ephraim is on the verge of death and has shared with Micah his mysterious tales of Circus Mirandus.  He offers that the Lightbender from the circus owes him a miracle, and so Micah is determined to find the man he believes can save his grandfather.  This would be a fantastic read aloud in any middle grade classroom and a perfect gift for anyone who would like a little more “magic” in their lives!



IMG_4645School vacation this Christmas in Maine has been one for the books.  As I write this, many of my friends are going on Day 4 with no power.  An ice storm hit the central part of our state leaving many of us in the dark and cold. I was one of the lucky ones who had power restored after a day, just enough time to have a taste for ‘the good old days’.  With no electronics (other than an iPhone) my options for entertainment were seriously scaled back.  Luckily, one of my favorite activities requires no more power than a candle puts out…READING.  I had already signed on for the #BookaDay Challenge and so I snuggled up with my dogs, cats, blankets and fireplace with some good books.


It’s not too late to join in on the Book a Day Challenge.  There are no parameters for what books you have to read.  You set your own start and stop.  You choose whatever books you want to read: professional, picture books, YA, adult, nonfiction, poetry anthologies, etc.  It’s an average so if it takes you a few days to read a novel, you could add in some shorter books on other days.  If you are interested in some of the best picture books of 2013 you might want to check out The Nerdy Book Club’s 2013 Fiction Picture Book Winners.  

So just start reading and if you are on Twitter just use the hashtag #bookaday to post what you are reading.  If you are on Facebook you could post there as well.  You could also post in my comments section what you are reading and any recommendations!  It’s just a great time to read and build up a reading community!

A reminder-there are so many holiday books that we bring out for our families.  They are like time capsules that we revisit for a short time each December.  Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we have to put them away immediately.  Spend some time with these ‘old friends’ this week.  Take pics of your kiddos reading to capture these moments in time…they grow up so fast!  Create memories around books that will stay with your family forever.

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What’s on My Book Radar?


I’m getting caught up on some of my picture book reading.  With the Caldecott’s being awarded next month I wanted to read some of the books getting buzz right now.  These were available at my local library and I have many more ordered up on reserve.

Here are some book trailers and information to invite you into these wonderful books!  Feel free to comment on books you think should be considered for Caldecott Awards this January!

Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Hello, Hello by Matthew Cordell

Mr. Wuffles by David Wiesner

Story of Fish and Snail by Deborah Freedman

Little Red Writing by Joan Holub

A Splash of Red by Jen Bryant

Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives by Lola Schaefer

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