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My Sunday Sermon

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Once there was a man.

He wanted to make his country great again.

He built walls to create borders.

He made them pay for it.

He wanted to rid us of others.

He rounded them up and marched them

off the earth.

He “told it like it was”

over and over and over.

He vilified the press and any who questioned him.

He tapped into the rage of a people.

He ignited the fires of hostility.

He whipped the crowds into a frenzy,

crowds of people desperate for a strong leader.

He was very popular.

Until he wasn’t.

I’ve revised this poem many times as each act of hatred, each call to aggression,  each digression of humanity seemed to dip beneath what I thought was a new low. I do not wish to become despondent and depressed.  I want to TRUMP hatred with love, prejudice with acceptance, anger with understanding, and lies with truth.  I want us to examine, “What ARE our values?” I want us to LIVE them, not just in our politics, but in our daily lives.

Now is the time for good men (and women) to do something.

Peace out.