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Thou Shalt Covet

slice-of-life_individualIt was a long day, followed by parent conference night.  It was a little disheartening when there were a few cancellations from parents I really wanted to meet. I walked down the hallway, headed for the teachers’ room, and around the corner raced TJ*.

Hey buddy, slow down there.

He pulled up, clutching a book to his chest. His dad caught up with him. I introduced myself. “Yeah, she teaches us,” he told his dad. I explained that I am the literacy coach who comes in to work in his kindergarten during reading and writing workshops.

I gotta book!” TJ thrust it out to me.

What’s it called?” I asked.

Read it.  Read right here,” he swiped his fingers across the title.

Mouse Paint?” I asked him.

Yeah. That’s my book. I got this in Title I. I’m in Title I now.” he beamed.

I heard. That’s awesome.  You’ll get to read lots of books,” I said.

Yeah, but this one’s my book!” He pulled it to his chest.

He and his dad headed down the hall.

May you always be so covetous of your books my little reader.” I prayed.


*not his real name