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I am so lucky that I have a dedicated notebooker as a dear friend. Michelle Haseltine has been notebooking since 1982.  She is on her 83rd notebook!! I am so inspired by her dedication to “showing up to the page” every day.  Now she is even more inspiring; she has created a group called #100DaysofNotebooking that has members from around the world! The idea is to commit to notebooking for 100 days-whatever you want to put on a page is PERFECT.

Michelle says, Notebooking is about sharing your story. Show up to the page every day. Focus on that and soon you will have your story on the page. There is no right/wrong way to notebook. Show up! We invite you to join us into our community for support and encouragement!

My notebook entry today was based on the variety of formats and ideas I’ve read


through in the past several days-and I know I did not capture all of them.  For anyone who thinks they can’t notebook or wouldn’t know what to write about, you’ll find so many ideas and inspiration from this group.

You can spend as much or as little time as you want writing each day. You can choose to share, or not to share. If you are on  Twitter, just use the hashtag #100DaysofNotebooking to see some examples.

Sure, we are a few days into the new year, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a GO. Once you start writing each day, you will experience the world around you in new ways. You’ll be more present and aware-you’ll notice more because you are open to ideas that you can notebook. Being a writer changes the way you see and experience the world.

What are the rules?

1.Show up to the page.

That’s it. Just turn a page each day and put pen to paper. See what comes out. Discover your thinking.


As a bonus, Michelle has also created a Spotify playlist of songs to inspire ideas and creativity. Seems like each day this group keeps growing with inspiring support. Check it out-I don’t think you’ll regret it! If you want to join the private Facebook page you can request permission here: 100 Days of Notebooking Facebook Group Hope to see you there!


One More Off My TBR Stack

What it isWHAT IT IS by Lynda Barry

My first book of 2020 and I think this one is going to change my life! It fits so well with my goals for notebooking as well. Lynda asks some big existential questions and playfully writes and draws some responses that invite even more questions that only the reader can answer for themself. She frames thoughts about writing in unique ways; “Handwriting is an image left by a living being in motion-it cannot be duplicated in time or space.” or “We are practicing a physical activity (writing)with a state of mind.” If you’ve ever wanted to keep a notebook of thoughts, wondering, doodles, or stories I encourage you to add this book to your collection. It’s been around since 2008 and I’m surprised it hadn’t found me yet.