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Looking for Poems, Finding So Much More

Well, I am back to my ‘regular’ blog in which I write about teaching and learning and my life as a literacy coach. (For the month of March I blogged a Slice of Life each day for the Slice of Life Challenge) hosted by the TwoWritingTeachers blog)

Many of you may know that I really love poetry and I love sharing this passion with kids. This week a real highlight was working in several fifth grades and introducing them to the wonderful world of Found Poetry. (Some may think call it Black Out Poetry, but we aren’t blacking out the rest…) I told the kids, “Poetry is everywhere, sometimes you just have to find it. Today we are going to practice looking.”

I talked about finding words or phrases that appealed to them and lightly circling them…juicy words, fun words, interesting, or curious words. Then asked them to, “Think about those words and what images or ideas come to mind. How do the first and second words connect? Do they? Are there words in between that could help? Would be better? Go through your words and look for that emerging poem. When you have found it, box out those words so they pop! Then you can illustrate your poem if you wish or create a doodle to pull those words forward.”

Boy, did they find some poems! The range of emotions and themes blew me away. These were first time attempts! I cannot wait to see what they find the rest of this month.


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One More Off My TBR Stack!

IMG_3281.jpgThe Creativity Project edited by Colby Sharp

This book really IS awesometastic! Teacher, Colby Sharp invited some of the best writers of kidlit to submit creative prompts and then respond to the prompts of one another. The result is a collection of incredible short stories, poems, comics, illustrations, and CREATIVITY that will truly delight readers and inspire writers. In the second half of the book, authors submit creative prompts for readers to respond to with their own creative flair. I am a huge fan of these kidlit authors and loved it. Kept telling myself, “just one more” as I read in bed the last few nights. Ages 8-12ish


World Poetry Day

slice-of-life_individualToday is World Poetry Day as celebrated by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).  On Twitter people are asking one another to share their favorite poems.  While I love seeing and reading the variety and immersing myself in a cascade of poems, I am also troubled.  We don’t ask parents to choose their favorite child, how can we ask readers to choose A favorite poem?

So rather than choose and share my own, I am going to retweet as many poems and posts as I can today to share the love of poetry and celebrate the poets and readers who come together to infuse life and meaning into the words.

While I cannot say these are my absolute favorites, I’ll share two that resonate with me very strongly today (below). HAPPY WORLD POETRY DAY!  Do yourself a favor and savor a poem today! Or take the advice from this tweet I read this morning

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.59.10 AM


Try it. Play with the words.

See where they land. See where they light.




And one to listen to with loving ears and open heart: