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Books Are So Patient

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I know many of you are like me.  You have TBR (to be read) piles all about your house. I have one on my bed stand, one in my ‘office’, and another in the living room.  They never seem to shrink because for each that I read and remove, another one or two seem to layer the pile.

Sometimes I look at them almost apologetically.  “Sorry, I was going to read you next, but then this ARC came in the mail.” “I know you were on top, but Mr. Schu was just raving about this one.”  They just stoically sit there.  No hint of animosity or jealousy. Just one more reason why books make such great friends.IMG_4677

A few weeks ago Keisha*,  a 5th grader who loves talking about books with me asked, “Mrs. Bourque, what book should I read next?  What book do you really like?”  Now there are nearly a bajillion books I’ve read that I really like, but I immediately thought of my self at her age. “You know what book I read over and over when I was in elementary school? I loved this book so much.”  I grabbed a copy of Island of the Blue Dolphins “This was based on a true story and I just thought she was such a brave girl. I probably read it six times. I wonder what you would think of it.” Keisha hugged the book and headed back to her seat.

Last week Keisha came up to me with the book in her hands. “I didn’t get a chance to read it. I had this other book I was reading.  Sorry.”  I know she felt like she had disappointed me. “You don’t need to be sorry. That book isn’t going anywhere.  Anytime you feel like reading it, it’ll be waiting for you.  Books are so patient.”

She giggled. “Oh yeah? Cool!”

And another reading life keeps blooming.