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Don’t Miss World Read Aloud Day!


This Thursday (Feb 16) is World Read Aloud Day presented by Lit World ; a non-profit organization started by literacy leader Pam Allyn, whose mission is to tackle illiteracy worldwide. This Thursday you can join a global community of readers.  Many classrooms across the world will be skyping with authors, inviting in guest readers, and sharing their love of stories with one another.   You and your class could be a part of that global event.

Here is the link to the WORLD READ ALOUD EVENT GUIDE.

Here is a link to BOOKMARKS  and the Sticker LOGO.

You could try to book an author via Skype (don’t delay)

Follow along on Twitter #WRAD17

You can watch the Book Whisperer herself talk to you about World Read Aloud Day!

Do as much or as little as your time and schedule allow.  You can register your class and be an “official participant”.  You can see all the locations in the world where classrooms will be joining in. Help your students feel a part of something BIG. Help them feel connected to other children in the world with a common love for books and reading.



What’s On My Book Radar?


I am so thrilled by the multitude of novels and stories-in-verse the past several years, and this one ranks right up near the top.  Nikki Grimes paints stories with such a select palette of words. She gets to the heart of Garvey’s thoughts, emotions, and desires with such clarity and precision-letting us see and experience the story through his eyes. We see Garvey grapple with the choice to be the boy his father wants him to be or be the person he truly is. You could finish this book in half an hour, but I recommend you slow down and savor it. And you probably won’t want to read it only once. I could see this book being a mentor to so many readers.

Do yourself a favor- get at least one copy of this book for yourself and one for International Book Giving Day!

Celebrate Reading

It’s a great week for lovers of reading!  Sure, every week is a good week for reading, but two major events this week give us plenty of opportunities to celebrate books and readers!  I think these celebrations are important for building a community of readers, for modeling reading for pleasure, and associating joy with the act of reading.


Although typically celebrated on March 2nd to coincide with the birthday of Dr. Seuss, this year we celebrated on Monday, March 3rd.  Teachers gathered every book they could find penned by Theodore Seuss Geisel.  Some found fun facts about the man (including the REAL pronunciation of his name).  Some had extra DEAR time or Read to Self.

I really got into it this year.  My inspiration came from a group of teachers in my district who wanted our local education association (a.k.a. ‘evil teacher union’ to some) to do more outreach for children and community.  We took on Read Across America as one of our causes.  We collaborated with our local library (Lithgow Library) to creaIMG_5780te a Read Across America Night for families. One of our newest teachers, Ms. Bryant, contacted our state association to acquire our Cat in the Hat costume.  During the day I visited 3 of our elementary schools as the Cat and  Ms. Bryant assumed the feline role for her home school and the library celebration.

It quickly became one of my favorite days ever as a teacher.  Some kids looked at me with such cognitive dissonance. There was a hint of recognition, yet they approached me anyway with excitement and affection.  Others were just so joyful and eager to pet, hug and tug on the Cat!  I read in classrooms, listened to kids read, took lots of group photos of eager readers and happily dissolved into the persona of Le Chat Au Chapeau!


My day as “The Cat”.


Our evening Dr. Seuss Celebration in collaboration with our local library.


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 7.06.11 AMThere’s still time to continue the reading celebration this week. March 5th  is World Read Aloud Day. It’s a grassroots movement that LitWorld started to with the idea that “Children who grow up as readers become engaged citizens of the global world, and every child deserves that right to read.”  You can read founder Pam Allyn’s blog on HuffPost here.

You can visit Lit World’s World Read Aloud Day page.

Here are some World Read Aloud Day Activities.

Here are some Read, Write Think Activities and Resources.

But the best thing about reading is that you don’t need a holiday to do it.  You only need a book.  You need a teacher, parent or mentor to help you make sense of those squiggles on a page so that the ideas lift off the paper and create stories in your mind.  These holidays and events just remind us that every child has that right and it is up to us to help them realize all the possibilities in life that reading can offer them!

What’s on my book radar?

61U8xnLYSRL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle

This book is as hilarious as it is touching.  Nate Foster has wanted to be in a Broadway musical his whole life (all dozen or so years of it.) He takes a runaway road trip from his hometown in Pennsylvania to audition for “E.T. The Musical” He doesn’t really fit in in his hometown of Jankburg, PA.  His brother is an all star jock, Nate is bullied and school and describ51MG+Y1aguL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_es himself as “a freshman at the College of Sexuality and I have undecided my major”.   It’s great to see books about boys who aren’t just jocks or thugs or bookworms.  Nate is a refreshingly humorous, sensitive and daring boy who recognizes his differences and embraces them.

Now I need to get my hands on…

Five, Six, Seven, Nate! by Tim Federle

You can watch Tim Federle read from Better Nate Than Ever here!



So excited that I will see Carl Anderson in Portsmouth, NH tomorrow with his Heinemann Workshop.   I’ve participated in a book study in our district with How’s It Going.  If you haven’t read this one and you want to improve your practice with writing conferences, it is a MUST READ for your professional library!   He isn’t called “Conferring Carl” for nothing!!