Book-A-Day 2014

Hey All You Nerdy Book Club teachers or just Nerdy Readers…You are probably out of school by  now (even if you live in Maine)!  It’s time to think about the Sixth Annual Book-A-Day 1621704_667566729951571_1638043617_nChallenge!  

Established by Donalyn Miller (The Book Whisperer), it began as her public commitment to continue reading and sharing books with other readers all summer long.  The goal is to read one book a day, each day and post about it.  Sounds daunting at first, but her rules are simple…

  • You set your own start date and end date.
  • Read one book per day for each day of summer vacation. This is an average, so if you read three books in one day (I know you’ve done this!) and none the next two, it still counts.
  • Any book qualifies including picture books, nonfiction, professional books, audio books, graphic novels, poetry anthologies, or fiction—children’s, youth, or adult titles.
  • Keep a list of the books you read and share them often via a social networking site like Goodreads or Twitter (post using the #bookaday hashtag), a blog, or Facebook page. You do not have to post reviews, but you can if you wish. Titles will do.


So as you can see…ANY book qualifies.  I couldn’t possibly do it without a cache of picture books on hand, books I might not otherwise check out…  I learned some really fun things like:    Every major league baseball is treated with something very common yet very secretive!  10303374_10204293324792974_5521659285391223163_nOR  A major concert artist gave a performance at a D.C. metro stop and the reaction was surprising!10439432_10204252689937128_548567021298871530_n

I am savoring some YA books I’ve been waiting to read…

looking-for-alaska 18267071

And diving into an engaging “Not This, But That” series that includes titles such as:9780325049045 9780325051147 9780325049038

The only thing keeping the volume of reading down for me this summer, is a new goal of writing everyday.  Immersing myself in this new venture has been exciting, exhausting and sometimes frustrating.  Being able to relax and escape back into a book has taken on a whole new importance!

So I’ll throw down the gauntlet to my friends and followers.  Can YOU read a book a day?  Give it a try, it’s a challenge I think you’ll enjoy!  If you want to post, use the hashtag #BookaDay on your favorite social media site.


Happy Reading!!

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