Appreciate the Path

slice-of-life_individualI think the proverbial Road Less Traveled is overrated sometimes.  Sure it’s great to try new things and be original.  Breaking new ground or creating your own path can be rewarding in many ways. Newness keeps life spicy and fresh.  But sometimes it’s good to realize that there is great value in the variety of paths we can take-that each offers its own rewards if we mindfully contemplate and appreciate them. My snowshoeing yesterday brought this lesson home for me.



Creating new paths where none exist takes courage and strength sometimes. It is easy to get lost, it can wear you out quickly, but the anticipation of new experiences can keep you going.





Following the path of someone so different from yourself can bring insights and understanding. You don’t know where it may lead, but curiosity compels you to seek out new knowledge and understanding.




Following in the footsteps of a trailblazer let’s you learn from their steps and lean on their work. Somehow you feel less alone and more empowered to build on those steps and perhaps stray from the path when it is right for you.





Following a well-worn path may seem less adventurous, but remembering that there is often good reason for the shared pathway-it probably led others to joy or enlightenment. It was valued by many so perhaps we can trust that it is worth our time as well.


Whatever path you take today, I hope you take the time to appreciate it a little more.  We never know when the path may end, so enjoy and savor the journey.

20 thoughts on “Appreciate the Path

  1. There are so many paths. It’s so hard to choose one, and then, when I do, I’m always wondering if it was the right one or if the other one would have been better!

  2. Paula — I’m taking a mindfulness course with my team right now. Your post struck a chord because I am learning to be more open and aware of the most mundane, everyday events and occurrences, which most definitely includes which path — literal and figurative — to follow.

  3. “Now far ahead the road has gone, until it meets some larger way/Where many paths and errands meet/And whither then, I cannot say.” Many paths for many purposes.

  4. So much to think about here. I followed in the footsteps of many to be the first to go to college in my family, but I was stepping out on my own in terms of my family’s dreams for me. So insightful!

  5. Thanks for sharing these insightful reflections, Paula. We all travel many paths in life and it is interesting to think about why and how we chose them and where they have led us. Thanks for sharing the pictures, too.

  6. What a beautiful day to snowshoe and to reflect in the woods! I so enjoyed your thoughts on the paths we can choose and your wonderful photos. I find it encouraging that each path offers its own rewards!

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