Tax Reminders

Today is my tax day.  As I pulled together files and receipts and forms, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on 2016.  All of these papers were evidence of the life I lived. It gave tax preparation a whole new meaning and perspective for me.


Taxes are a reminder..

That I am paid for doing what I love.

That I bought some really awesome books last year.

That I traveled to new places to learn new things.

That some people actually bought my book.

That my home really is my castle.

That I have two dependents that mean the world to me.

That marriage to this amazing guy is always an advantage.

That I am contributing to the welfare of others.

That I am a citizen of an already great nation.

That I existed.


7 thoughts on “Tax Reminders

  1. Taxes allow us to have police and fire protection, smooth roads to travel, a library, and so many other resources. I love the way your tax receipts took you on a journey through this past year.

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