The In Between

slice-of-life_individualThe In Between varies it’s arrival time.  Some days, hours early, other days much later. Sometimes it is a welcome visitor and others, an unwanted intruder. The In Between slips in unannounced in those minutes or hours ‘tween sleep and rising.

I lie in bed dozing and the In Between caresses my mind, enticing me to engage. It starts interjecting images or ideas as teasers, waiting to see which will seduce my cataleptic state.

Sometimes I consent to the intrusion and I am gifted with flashes of inspiration. Creative conceptions overwhelm me and I race for a pen to capture them before they retreat.

Other times I resist as a cascade of catastrophizing contemplation consumes me. Distress disturbs my  dreams and worry wakens me.

Where does the In Between come from? Where does it retreat? Why does it choose to haunt and daunt me one morn, yet motivate and invigorate the next, leaving me vexed and perplexed at the dawn of the day?

The answer absconds and I rise to meet the day, while the In Between withdraws into murky memory.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 8.10.42 AM

9 thoughts on “The In Between

  1. “Other times I resist as a cascade of catastrophizing contemplation consumes me.” Great use of alliteration. Funny, I was thinking the same thing as Dana about the picture book as I was reading. OK. That’s two of us. I think you have to write the book.
    And yes, the In Between visits me often.

  2. Nice alliterations! Poetic. I find myself in the In Between seasons trying to figure out what to pack up and what to keep out to still wear on the cold days.

  3. Interesting how the “In Between” can interact and result in varying outcomes. I wrote about another type of “In Between”….in Maine there is a great period of “In Between” as winter fades and spring follows. Either way….in your case or in my case “In Between” has a mind of its’ own!

  4. Lovely. Thanks for sharing your reflections on the In Between–it sounds like a mythical creature, perhaps akin to the Sand Man? Fabulous word choice and alliteration. The picture book idea is so intriguing!

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