quick change

img_2191.jpgShe stepped
between numbers
the set


#micropoetry   #SOL18


There are too many cliches tossed out as advice to parents to live in the moment and remember, they won’t be little forever.  While they hold truth, they are tainted with an implication that perhaps we don’t, that were are somehow frivolous with our appreciation.  I have cherished every stage of this dancer’s life, but no amount of mindfulness can hold back the hands of time. I simultaneously mourn the loss of my babies while embracing the ‘child’ who is now. Last night Bailey danced at her college and I could not be there in person, but I was present.


12 thoughts on “quick change

  1. Wow! Such a powerful message you captured this morning! Your daughter is beatiful-both then and now. Thank you for brightening my morning!
    God bless.

  2. I absolutely love this. The poem is perfect. I want to steal it and replace it with a baseball field or a track. This hits so close to home for me now. It goes so fast… Truly an amazing poem with layers of meaning with the integration of text. This would be so powerful to use as a mentor with students as well. My head and my heart!! Love it!!!

    1. Yes, I could just replace the setting and it would be about my son. He could step into a dugout, walk off the pitch, or take a seat on the bench and boom…

  3. Your post evoked flashbacks with all three of my girls. While I love writing, I also love the way you framed your writing with the images. You effectively communicated the flash of time in so few words. What a beautiful snapshot.

  4. The scene changes, but our admiration and love for our children are constant. Thank goodness for modern technology, when we can get pictures and video simultaneously or moments after performances happen. (My “little drummer girl” sometimes plays for a rock band in Japan, where she now lives…)

  5. “No amount of mindfulness can hold back the hands of time.” You really captured a complex idea with just a few sentences. Accompanied by the perfect pictures. What a lovely piece.
    And a reminder to be present and appreciate! Thank you.

  6. Your thoughts are speaking right to my heart this morning. Trying to enjoy each stage and maybe I’ll be blessed with grandchildren one day (far away;-).

  7. Time goes by so fast and as mothers we want to be present in person for every special event they have and they know we are there! Wait until grandbabies come in the future, you will be busier than ever!

  8. I love the way the text changed from poetry to prose. I connected it with the past and the present. The photographs made the whole presentation even more powerful.

  9. Like others have said, your images play in my mind of my own little ones, now grown. How the moments of life keep passing, and how they know, through our careful words and attention when we can, that we are “present” with them, though far away. Lovely. ~ Sheri

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