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I imagine



#micropoetry  #SOL18

The satisfaction that comes from creating something out of nothing is universal. Do we take the time to notice that divine accomplishment when we observe it? Do we give ourselves enough opportunities in life to experience it? The slices we craft this month are acts of creation. Let us take some time to appreciate that for ourselves and for others as we comment and connect. Writing is powerful. We are creators.



13 thoughts on “creation

  1. Paula,

    Your image is stunning! Did you take it and use a filter? I adore it. Your micropoem captures the joy of creation perfectly. I imagine you are correct – it is the same look gracing god’s face. Thank you.

    1. Yes, Michelle Haseltine introduced me to the app, Prisma. I’m using it all month for slicing. I want to see the images in a different context-trying to distill an essence of meaning by seeing in new ways.

  2. You had me from the title since my OLW this year is CREATE. I have loved this word so far and I think it has layers of meaning. I have been thinking about this challenge and my word this month. I have not really explored the idea of making something out of nothing – that will be new for me to explore as well as taking the time to notice and appreciate. Thank you.

  3. Loved the poem and photo! Good advice, Paula. We are all creators here. That’t what writers do. Love your connection to Slice of Life, a place where we can notice and note, celebrate with other writers as we connect our lives with wondrous words!

  4. I think the SOL is the most writing I have ever done for myself before. Some days are more difficult than others to think of what I will reflect on, but I like how it gets me to look more closely at things. 🙂

  5. You are amazing with the images you use in your posts! The images you did with your ELA presentation were very creative! You are always learning something new to share with others!

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