Step over
  jump cut
     pivot and
dash ‘cross the pitch
  with little constraint.
Headers and
  chip shots,
     passes and spinners,
don’t need a score
      to recognize


#MicroPoetry  #SOL18

My son has played soccer since he was about four years old. To call it a passion is almost derogatory. I revel in watching him play, win or lose…and there has been much more of latter than the former. When circumstances align, however, and the score tips our way, there is no denying the joy that comes from watching a team celebrate their successful efforts.  Your mixture of ‘silly and serious’ have made watching this team so delightful.. Congrats to the “Isolated Thunderstorms” on winning the winter championship at the local soccer club last night-you were winners before the games, as well.

10 thoughts on “champions

  1. There is nothing like the thrill of victory with a team of players who enjoy the game and each other! Congrats!!

  2. The action poem to start is wonderful. It reads fast-paced–almost rap-like. I particularly like the last line–because the score doesn’t really matter when you have good kids

  3. It is such a blessing to watch our children grow…in sports or music or drama or whatever. Honestly, I had to take up knitting during exciting rec league basketball games that my kids were in to keep from being that “crazy” parent. I confess, my knitting wasn’t very even!

    How great that you celebrate the achievement of playing, win or lose. That being said, congrats to your son and his team on their victory!

  4. I love the pictures you post of Casey playing soccer. I can only hope that Carson will get as involved with sports as he is and I can’t wait for the day to cheer him on!

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