the greening.



#micropoetry    #SOL18

My land abuts a cemetery that I frequently walk. It is so tranquil and quiet, especially in the winter. I took this photo at sunset and contemplated a number of existential questions. However cold or dark or barren it gets, life seems to find a way.

As I look at the slices across the country of springtime arriving I am eager for it’s arrival here…and yet this is us:  CLICK FOR A TASTE OF MAINE




10 thoughts on “anticipating

  1. I love the use of the color green in your poem. The words together with the photo say so much. I really loved your reflection, too, Paula. I read it twice and let your words sink in. We are expecting 6 – 12 inches here in Dresher. We’ll be making several trips outside to shake snow off the Lelands.

  2. Paula, we’re much the same in Connecticut today.

    And yet I know that when the winds stop swirling and it gets dark, college kids will be flying down Mayflower Hill on trays…and until then classes are no doubt still on no matter how many people call the mail room to see if they’re canceled. And when it hits 40 degrees they’ll be out in t-shirts enjoying the still pale sunshine. …Whoa, thanks for the memories from college in Maine.

  3. A beautiful poem — quiet and reflective — just like the setting.
    The weather link at the end adds a wonderful touch of humor. Hang in there, spring always follows winter!

  4. Yes to greening! Our projected snow totals are similar, Paula. The good news is that even a foot of snow won’t last too long at this time of year! There is a cemetery about 1/2 mile from my house where I love to walk for all the same reasons you name. I especially love visiting it in the spring, when the adjacent pond is filled with migrating birds.

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