Don’t mind
Choosing to spend a little time
Away from family in exchange for
Meaningful learning and
Professional connections to
Support our passion and growth as teachers.



#MicroPoetry  #SOL18

Yesterday I attend an EdCamp in rural Maine organized by teachers…for teachers. If you have never attended an EdCamp, I cannot urge you more vociferously.  I always feel so energized after immersing myself in a day of self-directed learning with such passionate, life-long learners. A big thank you to the teachers at Maranacook Community School who put in many long hours to make #EdCamp207–a FREE professional development– so successful.  Thank you also, to every teacher who stepped up to share and collaborate and make this day so meaningful. If you’d like to check out our learning you can click on our Sessions Schedule for links to notes and resources.

4 thoughts on “edcamps

  1. We go to NerdCamp in the summer and have been to a few Edcamps in MA– we would love to go to more. Love the concept – PD at its best! Wishing you a relaxing Sunday in return.

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