The thing about
is I always
   stumble a bit
      to hit the reset
but after I wipe
    the sleep from my eyes
       the view from here
is spectacular.




#MicroPoetry   #SOL18

The first few moments of Mondays are always the hardest. My bed feels so warm, my weekend was filled with family, my time was my own…the alarm disconnects me from all that. I usually lie in bed for a bit and let the week come into focus, and when it does I am usually eager to greet it. I love my job. I love the students. I love the teachers I work with. My worlds just overlap a bit too abruptly at the crack of dawn on Mondays.

Happy Monday, Slicers.

5 thoughts on “mondays

  1. This poem is exactly how I feel this morning. I had a full weekend and am bothered by this new time. I could use a snooze button today.

  2. “The view from here is spectacular” and “my worlds just overlap a bit too abruptly” are my favorite lines in this piece. Even on Spring Break, I feel the intensity a Monday brings.

  3. What a great poem and your reflection afterward is something we can all relate to. I’ve not heard of #micropoetry before…I’ll have to check it out!

  4. Mondays are a bit harder than any other day of the week! My Mondays start with hitting the snooze button 2-3 times before getting up to workout. Once I am up, I am eager to tackle my day!

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