Breathe in.
Breathe out.

And in between

lies a peace

conceived of


and surrender.


Continuing my mindful practice this year…

I found that I wanted to be more present and purposeful in my life (even though I thought I had always tried to do that) so I have added some practices to my life that are truly helping. I take a Yin Yoga class each week (mediation infused postures), I have added books to my library (Wherever You Go There You Are, Happy Teachers Change the World, Sitting Still Like a Frog, Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness, Mindfulness for Teachers, etc) and I use an app called Headspace every day for 3-15 minute meditations as well as one called Calm that also added a classroom app free for teachers this year.

What I am discovering…

No one can stop time, but we can extend each moment with mindful attention.  Each breath is we take is a conduit for life; taking in what we need and releasing what we don’t. With each breath we can invite peace in ,and expel distress. With awareness we can choose our response to each moment, but when we rush through our days focusing on the moments ahead rather than the one we are in, we relinquish that choice.
I hope you take some time today to slow down, breathe, and choose peace.

16 thoughts on “breathe

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Paula. I’ve been attempting to regularly use my InsightTimer app, which has some great guided meditations (or just setting the timer for quiet breathing), but sleeping in for spring break has meant less “alone time” to do so. Hoping my 430a alarm tomorrow gives me time once again to meditate AND write. Thanks also for the book suggestions; some of the titles are new to me!

  2. So loved this piece, Paula! That is what I did yesterday, and I am building in time today as well – taking a walk at Longwood Gardens with my husband and some friends. I have to make a conscious effort to operate in the present and appreciate the here and now. I just started reading a Stenhouse book by Lisa Lucas – Practicing Presence – it’s very good! I love your book suggestions and am going to look into the app, too!

  3. Just reading this imparts peace, a real sense of the inhale/exhale, ebb/flow … so important, as you point out, to relish the moment we’re in. To just be.

  4. Thank you for the reminder. I keep wanting to practice mindfulness, but I am not making the time. This week I am going to do it! Maybe it will turn up as a slice.

  5. Your discoveries at the end could each be a meme, reminding us to stretch minutes with choice and intention. These are great reminders each on their own, and together, they make for a beautiful slice.

  6. After participating in the Mindfulness workshop on Friday, I have slowed down several times to reflect about what was happening in the moment! I will have to check out those apps! Thanks for your suggestions!

  7. This was a much needed reminder for me. I am new to mindfulness but the little bit I do has helped. Do you have any recommendations for beginners? Tips? Books? Thanks!

    1. At the bottom of my blog I listed some of the books I am reading-many related to teaching. Thich Nat Hahn is an author who writes amazing books on mindfulness. I would also recommend you try the app Headspace. You can get 10 free sessions to see if you like it. I LOVE it.

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