You poured out your

gratitude and I drank  it inWAIT

like the goblet receives wine,

realizing the gift of

silent consideration

was all you asked of me. 

To talk would

break the spell that

held our hearts as one

in a space of compassion.


Once a year our school district has an amazing day of professional development with a slate of offering that teachers self-select. This year (yesterday)there were several focusing on self-care. I ended my day in a mindfulness session in which we partnered with someone we did not know well. Our task was for one to speak for several minutes on what they are grateful for and the other to listen silently-observing how we respond to their sharing. Many found it difficult not to respond with our “active listening” strategies, but to remain a silent observer. Our facilitator shared the acronym that has helped her be a more mindful listener-WAIT. She reminded us that responding has its place as long as we are aware of why we are talking. Are we truly receiving or making it about us?

Delicious food for thought!


13 thoughts on “wait

  1. I enjoyed the poem – especially “silent consideration/was all you asked of me” – and I enjoyed your reflection even more. I can remember WAIT, and I am struck by your observation of how hard it is not be an “active listener” all the time. Sometimes silent attentiveness is just what we need. Thanks for sharing your learning.

  2. “…a more mindful listener.” This intention resonates. WAIT is a question I want to internalize. “Are we truly receiving or making it about us?” The ripples of yesterday’s opportunity will touch so many.

  3. Love the whole piece – and will remember Why Am I Talking – WAIT. What a great way to remember that listening is just as important as talking – sometimes, even more important! I loved you poem – the gift of silent consideration and the spell that held our hearts in the space of compassion…..This poem is simply beautiful! Thanks, Paula!

  4. “…a more mindful listener,” resonates. WAIT is a question I hope to internalize. The ripples of your learning will be powerful today.

  5. Listening is a skill I sorely need to work on, especially since I tend to be a “fixer”. Thank you for the gentle reminder; your PD session sounds awesome!

  6. As I read your beautiful poem, I thought about how important it is to listen. Then you describe the PD, which is similar to my district, and there it is: a listening activity. I love this idea and am saving it for next year in my speech classes. Thank you.

  7. Absolutely delicious, you are so right! I have often noticed, when listening to someone amongst others, that someone will jump in as if to comment, but will actually bring the conversation around to themselves. I try very carefully not to do this, but it is hard. I will think of this acronym now, it is perfect. Thank you for this post!

  8. I drank it in like the goblet receives wine – what a beautiful line in a lovely poem. Listening can be a challenge, but once mastered a wonderful gift.

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