last dance


Wind IMG_2186


a poor

dance partner






#micropoetry    #SOL18

Maine endured a terrific wind storm last fall that left many without power for days on end. We could hear the wind through the forest and the crashing of timber. It wasn’t until this winter, when I could strap on snowshoes and scale the mounds of snow deep into the woods,  that I witnessed evidence of that destructive dance.


7 thoughts on “last dance

  1. Mmm… lovely. I am in a high rise hotel in downtown Toronto, listening to the wind whip around outside as I write. All the wind-y noise, along your picture and your poem, has really got my mind going early this morning – the image of the wind and the trees dancing is powerful. Thanks for setting me thinking.

  2. I love the way the title and poem fit together. Such a beautiful poem. And I love the caption for the photo as well, especially the line “the wind through the forest and the crashing of timber”.

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