face of hope


They rise from their desks
and take to the street
with cries of heartbreak
but not defeat.
With determined fire
they strive to cope
and rise from the ashes,
the face of hope.



At a time when turning on the news generally causes me to cringe with despair, my heart soared at the sight of students across the country walking out of their classrooms yesterday. (My son would have been among them had we not had our millionth snow day).
I feel optimistic for our future watching these young men and women speak truth to power. I am grateful to each and every one of them! This is the face of hope!

8 thoughts on “face of hope

  1. Love it! What a way to start the day — I love how poetry comes so easily to you. My boys had a snow day as well — I think they are doing it today.

  2. I am so proud of these students who are learning that their voice matters. Your voice comes through so strongly in your posts. I have enjoyed reading your wonderful poetry.

  3. Great poem! I am proud of these students, too, taking up a cause that affects them so directly and painfully. May the powers that be listen and enact change as a result.

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