walking toward





I am beginning to see

she’s not walking away

from the life we have built

but walking toward

the life she is building

for her future…

and she’s not walking alone.



My daughter headed back to college yesterday after her ‘spring’ break.  It is so hard to say goodbye but I am so proud of her. She knows what she wants and she is making it happen. I would not want anything different for her. And so my heart breaks at the same time that it soars.  This is what all those tough parenting moments bring us to…and it is so bittersweet!

13 thoughts on “walking toward

  1. Although my own are not quite there, I find myself contemplating that time with a hint of anticipatory sadness. Also how do you make your photos look this way, like art?

  2. We’re there, too. One kid off to college and another on the verge of graduating this spring, and leaving. A third left home, wondering: it’s just me, now?

  3. This fills me with anticipatory bittersweet (I can’t think of another way to say it), though I have years before I will experience this. What a lovely reframing. What a beautiful way to send your daughter into the world.

  4. How wise you are to realize she’s walking toward the life she’s building. And it will be a good life, which you’ll be part of (albeit in a different way) because of the amazing foundation and love you have given her.

  5. It is so hard to let them go, but there’s always that safety net of mom, just in case. Very cool picture to go with that heart poem.

  6. Even grown, when my kids leave, my heart breaks. I remember crying in the car every time I left my parents even as an adult. But you’re right, she moving in the direction of her future.

  7. I have tears in my eyes thinking of all the tough parenting moments I have yet to go through, and how many parents face these challenges so quietly every single day. This is beautiful, as is the photo/drawing next to it. I am very curious how you did that??

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