When One Is Enough

I love reading through posts in January to see what One Little Word people choose to help them focus their energies and passions in the upcoming year. It is often hard to think of just one when there are so many ideas racing around in my head and so many passions beating in my heart.

One thing I want to do as a coach and colleague this year is to help us all become more mindful and present during our days. I would often find at the end of the day that I’d wonder, “What did I even get done?” There would be times that I’d notice my shoulders were tense or my jaw was clenching and I’d realize, “Oh, I’m feeling stressed.” In my post last week, I shared my first activity toward encouraging greater mindfulness.

So I thought, sure MINDFUL would be my One Little Word. But then I pushed that thinking and wondered, “To what end?” and I realized it was because I wanted to appreciate the moments and experiences I have in this short life. I wanted to experience more gratitude for what is, and less angst for what isn’t.  Comparing what could be or nostalgia for what was can suck all the joy out of what IS.  Being more present with what is happening around me and inside of me can help me focus on the gift of being alive.


GRATITUDE encompasses so many other intentions as well-it encourages me to be thankful for KINDNESS, GROWTH, CALM, TRUTH, POSITIVITY, LOVE, MINDFULNESS…you name it. It encourages me to accept people and events in my life for what they are and not feel so compelled to change them. I can only change ME, and if I do it with a grateful heart I believe it will lead me to a more gratifying life.

IGratitude Writing.jpg‘ve got a few ways to intentionally focus  on my GRATITUDE this year (and build a more writerly life!)  They involve quick writes each day to reflect on my blessings, happiness, and gratitude. They won’t take a lot of time, and the research on how gratitude can change the brain is pretty profound, and I’ll explore/share some of that this year as well.  I believe these will be a valuable investment of a small amount of time each day!

So as challenging as it was to choose ONE little word, I am satisfied that this one is enough! Whatever your One Little Word is, may it lead you to a richer life in 2019.

One More Off My TBR Stack!

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 10.31.51 am24 HOURS IN NOWHERE by Dusti Bowling

I wanted this to be my first book in 2019 because I wanted my year of reading to start out with a bang-and it did! Dusti Bowling takes me to a part of our country as different from my home in Maine as possible-offering a window into the lives of several poverty-stricken children in Nowhere, Arizona.
But being poor is relative for Gus, Rossi, Jessie, and Matthew who enter into a deadly Frenchman mine to seek a piece of gold, each for differing reasons. As the mine collapses they begin to bond over how hard their lives have been and find that if they survive, their lives could be altered forever. I love Dusti’s writing; she is somehow able to weave humor into trauma, peel back layers of her complex characters, and bring us to her beloved desert with vivid descriptions. Kids are going to love this adventurous tale!

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