#SOL20 Day 16 “National Emergency Declared”

SOL20This March I will be participating in the month-long Slice of Life Challenge. I’m encouraging everyone I know to keep a journal during this historic moment in time. Our world is changing so incredibly fast and capturing our experience would be an amazing gift to our future selves and future generations. I started a new notebook on Friday (the day the pandemic was declared) and shared that in my slice yesterday. I won’t share all the entries from this notebook, but here is a glimpse at Saturday’s entry. I am embedding QR codes and URLs into my notebook so that I can document some primary sources (videos/websites) that I can’t enter directly into my notebook.


How are you documenting these strange and uncharted waters? How has your life changed or remained the same? What do you wish you knew about a moment in history from someone who lived through it? Ask yourself that question now and answer it.

14 thoughts on “#SOL20 Day 16 “National Emergency Declared”

  1. I’ve started an online journal … making notes each day (to make sense of later) … and my wife is starting up a family journey for us and our three boys to add to .. when the youngest asked, why? she responded, we’ve never been in a time like this …. We’re both writing/literacy teachers, so we know the power of writing to make sense of the world, and to create a historical document …

  2. My life is the same as before. I grew up in a religion that always predicted Armageddon so since 3 years old that’s the message I was given. Don’t care about college or money. Don’t make a certain group of friends and, sadly, now it’s the same ‘this is it; the world is getting ready to end’ type thoughts so I try to avoid the drama. Just give me the real facts and live whatever is left of life is kind of me now. Making a record for the future is a good idea though. A decade from now you can read about how it started and how it ended.

  3. I am leaving this one to my son, but I did the same for 9/11. I still can’t review the documents.

  4. This is such a good idea…my blog has been a record of this time but keeping one specifically is a great idea. Thank you for your post… the pie looks delicious!

  5. Your notebook is so beautifully done! I make try to copy your idea, but it will not look nearly as nice. I love the idea of putting in the links and QR code’s.

  6. Wow, Paula, you are really creating a primary document as history unfolds in front of us. I love how you’re collecting artifacts from all that’s happening, but combining them with your personal stories.

    1. When we feel like we have no control, writing lets us control the narrative. I want to write capture the global but then the personal because that’s what life is about-making our own personal meaning and finding our way!

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