#SOL20 Day 17 “Living History”

SOL20This March I will be participating in the month-long Slice of Life Challenge. Each day I will be posting a ‘slice’ from my life. I had been working on memoir and memory practice, but today I will continue documenting my life with the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m trying to incorporate headlines, links to digital resources, photos, and slices of writing to capture our new normal. I ask myself, “What do you wish you knew about a moment in history from someone who lived through it?” and then I try to answer that through my writing and journaling.




How are you capturing your new normal? Everyone’s experience will be unique-it would be wonderful if everyone found a way to document (slice) the history they are living.

5 thoughts on “#SOL20 Day 17 “Living History”

  1. I think your documentation of what is happening is amazing. History books will tell the big ideas of what happened with the coronavirus outbreak, but the details of how it’s affecting our lives in so many different ways and the thoughts and emotions of those living through it need to be preserved as well. The personal stories are what will we carry us forward.

  2. Paula, I think it’s great that you are including QR codes and other primary sources in your daily reflections of what is happening globally and locally. You are capturing so many sides of this event.

  3. Your journals are inspiring – I was hoping to start today, but the day got out of hand. Still, my son wants to start writing & I think we’ll look here tomorrow to give him (and me!) some ideas. What a crazy time to capture in writing.

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